Wednesday Night

June 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

So on Wednesday night, I went to Unurban cafe and in the back they had the “Velvet Guerilla Cabaret” for all the poets, comedians, theatre people, and more! The atmosphere is so carefree and supportive. I was able to perform some of my poetry. There was about 15 people there which most of them performed. I was so nervous going up –  my legs were shaking which is not a good combination with 5 inch heels but once I was up there I felt completely comfortable. Mind you, this was my first time sharing my poetry live. There was this beautiful girl from New York who had some lovely, humble poetry. Another guy who wore white gloves rapping and dancing, very entertaining. A young boy who, I assume, is an aspiring comedian. An older man who had a poem about war and all the pain it contributes and all of its fucked up issues. A blonde girl who shared one poem and sang a song (acapela). The “owner” spoke most of the words to Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen and sang the chorus. Lastly, there was a guy who had some angry free speech – although a supporter of gays, he was confused as to why gays don’t like “pussy” (you had to be there to understand). Everyone came outside afterward for a smoke (etc.), and I got alot of positive feedback. They even invited my sister and I to go out to dinner afterward. That was really sweet of them, but it was too late to go. Anyway, I’m definitely going back!

P.S. I will post some pictures from this night soon 🙂


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